English is More than Words

When you learn a new language, you aren’t just studying the words and the grammar, you are learning about the culture behind that language. You are also learning new ways to communicate with other people. This is what makes a new language so exciting: you can not only enter a new culture but you help to make new communities when you interact with others who are learning the language.

LingoMetro: a Place to Have Fun Learning English

LingoMetro is a place for you to enjoy learning American English while learning more about American culture.  In our Library, you will find blog posts that are related to American history and culture, along with questions that you can answer. The construction crews at LingoMetro are hard at work building more places too:

  • A Coffee Shop for you to interact with other English learners from around the world
  • A Theater where you can watch short videos that help you learn English conversation
  • Your Home, where you can look back on your experiences and see all you have learned.
  • A Comics section in the library. A fun chance for you to learn useful English phrases!

So come on in, take a look around.  Have fun with English at LingoMetro.